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ShunYuan Industrial
 Shandong ShunYuan Industrial Co.,Ltd. is founded by Victor Textile(WWW.VICTORTEX.COM) Who has invested $10,000,000 on ShunYuan.There’s over 580 workers in Shunyuan,including R&D team of 32 people.We have professional equipment over 200 sets.And our mainly products are mechanical equipment,machinery parts,outdoor products,etc.
Most of our products are sold abroad. We mainly do OEM or ODM  for different branded distributors.Our products enjoy a high reputation both domestic and abroad due to good quality,reliable service.
We are always on the lookout for innovative and exciting ways to extend the range, we also pride ourselves on continuing to develop and improve key products to ensure we are meeting new needs and staying up to date with changing trends.
ShunYuan was created in response to growing demand for high quality, reliable and industry focused mechanical equipment and outdoor products at a fair price.

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skype: ada8051 skype: aileenvictor skype: bym1234b