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skype: ada8051 skype: aileenvictor skype: bym1234b

About Us
 Qingdao Victor has a turnover of 30,000,000 dollars and weaving capacity about 27,000,000 meters per year. Which includes ingrey fabrics about 18,000,000 meters, finished fabrics about 9,000,000 meters. We use advanced machine to guarantee our top quality.
  Our main products include 100% cotton, T/C, T/R blended, ramie, linen, denim etc. From ingrey to bleach white, plain dyed, printed, yarn dyed and jacquard are also our line. We have 168 sets of the most advanced rapier looms, 144 sets Japan Ttsudakoma airjet looms, 480 sets of shuttle looms. In addition, we have 3 lines of dyeing machine and 5 lines of printing machine.

  Research and development is the key stone of Victor Textile. We connect with many institute both from China and abroad for modern products.
  Our products mainly export to, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, German, America, New Zealand, Turkey, Portugal, South Africa, etc. We supply high standard shirting and bedding fabrics for many well known enterprises in above mentioned countries, and enjoy high reputation.
  For a bright future. Victor hope shake your hands!

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skype: ada8051 skype: aileenvictor skype: bym1234b